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Who could be better placed to move your event forward.

For us here at EAUKDS. progression comes naturally, we started small ..............and grew........and grew.............. and grew some more. From small acorns mighty tree's will grow and thats happening for us right now.

Over the last 5 years we have built up an amazingly good track record, through this we are fast becoming known for the jobs that were always extras but never too much hassle, Our ethics found us well placed and respected with our peers and as such we have no real rivalry, We all get on and get along with the job in hand and as such our contacts and experience as well as manpower and training division now enable us to move forward once more, we have in place such a vast network that the impossible can normally be achieved,
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If you have an event in mind that requires a little finesse and planning then we can help, we have the staff, the knowledge, the training and the will to succeed,

From licensing to risk assessments and contingency plans, Local authority applications and police liaisons, we can help, the transport and movement from load in to load out, staffing and training to equipment procurement and event security we can help just give us a call and lets set you off running.

We have a fantastic and proven track record we would love share some of our testimonials with you but we pride ourselves in our confidentiality and as such you may rest assured your success is equally as important to us.

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